Praise Book Treasures

Praise Book Treasures

Greetings Illustrated Faith Family!

So, raise your hand if you LOVE the new Praise Book from Illustrated Faith!  I love how every page is an artistic jumping point for creation.  The possibilities are endless.

So where to start?  What to use this awesome book for?

Do you ever hesitate when you don’t want to ruin a new treasure or waste a precious page?  I do!  I hesitated with my Journaling Bibles and I hesitated with lots of my art journals.  The problem is if you hesitate, you miss enjoying creating.  Yes, you might make a few things that aren’t your favorites but you learn and grow each time you dive in.  So dive in I did!

I love how my fellow creative team members, Stephanie Buice, Elaine Davis, Andrea Gray, and Natalie Elphinstone create.  They make such beautiful things with layers of paper, stickers and paint.  I decided to take a lead from my beautiful friends and make a cover page leaning into this style.  This is how you grow as an artist and a creative girl.  Stretch, experiment, be inspired!  No fear!

I started with page 1 and grabbed the new Illustrated Faith paints.  These paints are quickly becoming favorites for their vibrant color and sheer coverage.    I pretended to be Shanna Noel and spread paint on lightly with a card.  I used a clean pencil eraser to put a few yellow dot clusters down.  You might notice a “beautiful” stamp on the bottom of the page.  I didn’t like that.  No worries, I covered it up later!

Praise Book Treasures 2

Next I grabbed a few of my watercolor play sheets (keep your eyes out for a tutorial on making these).  I love using these “play” sheets because they add a handcrafted element of rainbow color.  I cut out several hearts by hand and stamped “everything beautiful He has made” on another blue piece.

Praise Book Treasures 3

After cutting out and stamping on watercolor paper, I gathered some Illustrated Faith die cuts, stickers, and scraps.  I made a grouping of hearts on top of a Whatever is Lovely clear cut sheet.  Oh my, so colorful and happy!

Praise Book Treasures 4

And I continued to layer.

Praise Book Treasures 5

Once I finished the initial layout, I realized I had designed exactly what I was going to put in my Illustrated Faith Praise Book – treasures and memories of Praise, Hope, Song, Faith, Prayers and Beauty.  So what’s a girl to do once she has content categories, well… make tabs of course!

I went back into my watercolor play stash and made a few tabs and then added the adorable Bella Blvd bow clips.  I will rearrange and add wording to these as I add entries.

And a page is really not complete for me without the white gel pen details so I sketched a few stitches around my hearts and outlined the word praise and “stitched” the bloom paper in on the bottom.  A few beloved clips on top– and the first page of my Praise Book is complete.

Praise Book Treasures 6

Enjoy making your Praise Book your own and don’t be afraid to try new things — God might just teach you something along the way!

Hugs, amy

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