Possibilities: A Mother and Daughter Enterprise

Possibilities: A Mother and Daughter Enterprise

We were walking down a New York street several years ago when the idea hit. What about a mother-daughter card and gift line? And so the brainstorming began. Kelsey would do the design work, and I would add quotes from my Life-Changing Fiction ™.

A name came to us from the beginning: Possibilities.

With the right cards and gifts, with beautiful words and designs, possibilities could exist in relationships. Possibilities that might not have been there before. It occurred to us that “possibilities” is a word that ignites dreams and a deeper faith.

The idea that with God, all things are possible!

A month later we took the idea to DaySpring and just like that Possibilities was born. Our mother-daughter card and gift line was a reality, and like that, the fun began!

“We have very different roles with the Possibilities line,” Kelsey Kupecky said about their work together designing cards and gifts. “But the fact that my mom and I are so close seems to show in the end product. Our hearts are very similar.” Kelsey added, “Working with my mom is simply the best. We have the most fun working together!”

And I couldn’t agree more.

Kelsey and I have been very close since she was little. The idea of bringing these products to life together is a dream come true. Kelsey’s beautiful mind is a myriad of colors and designs and filters that create an emotional canvas. Upon that canvas my words can truly come to life.

Also rewarding is the fact that these days we hear from people who are buying and loving our Possibilities line. The cards and gifts are bringing people together, helping people feel loved, exactly as we believed they would.

Sometimes we sit at Kelsey’s dining room table – side-by-side – laughing and wiping away tears and absolutely sure that somewhere, someone is going to pick up that card or gift and be changed by it. Each item is very deep, and meant to bring about a new level of love and depth in a relationship. After a few hours of working together over our Possibilities line, we will look at each other and say the most natural thing:

“This is the best! And the possibilities are endless!”


This article was written by #1 New York Times Bestselling novelist Karen Kingsbury. DaySpring is honored to partner with Karen, and her daughter Kelsey Kupecky, in their Possibilities line. To learn more about Karen & Kelsey, visit karenkingsbury.com, to check out their line of cards, gifts and office décor (on sale today), visit our Possibilities page.

“Possibilities” is a word that ignites dreams and a deeper faith. - Karen Kingsbury
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