» Arrange a surprise party. Be sneaky! Send out a secret invitation letting church members know to meet in the fellowship hall, at a favorite restaurant, or at an outside venue (it is beautiful outside this time of year!). 

» Organize a card party. Invite each member of the congregation to write a heartfelt card to pass along to your pastor. 

» Support a favorite ministry. For those leaders who are closely tied with a separate ministry, contributions to that ministry might be a perfect choice for highly mission-minded individuals that would resist the attention of other expressions of appreciation. 

» Redecorate their office. Gather your church friends to redecorate the pastors’ office with Scripture-filled décor pieces, this People Are the Point Canvas Pin Board or stock their desk with inspirational stationery, a perpetual calendar and maybe even a new Christian journal

» Connect through special interests. Your pastor may have hobbies or interests that have expenses. Is there some equipment, a piece of clothing, or a magazine subscription that would bring them delight for their times of refreshment and recharging?

» Support their reading habit. Grab a couple of books - one for yourself and one for your pastor - and commit to reading it alongside your mentor. Our staff would highly recommend these three - Sons from Afar by Roy Lessin, What Women Fear by Angie Smith and Because of Bethlehem by Max Lucado.

» Go ahead and spoil them. Arrange to have their car thoroughly detailed. While you’re at it, check to see if it could use a refresh on things like wiper blades, air fresheners, first aid kit, etc. Provide a travel friendly emergency snack kit with extra mint/gum/lip balm. 

» Extend the blessing. Pass these sticky prayers around to members of the congregation and ask them to write an encouraging message, fun memory, or a prayer for your pastor on one of the notes. Collect the sticky prayers, place them randomly throughout a daily flip calendar and give it to your pastor. This way, your pastor will ‘happen upon’ encouraging notes all year long just by flipping through the calendar.  

» Arrange a weekly treat. Have folks sign up for a breakfast, lunch, or snack to provide on a designated day once a week in October. Include a message of appreciation, prayer of blessing, and possibly a small gift

» Give an anonymous gift. You could hang a gift set on their doorknob, on their front porch, or maybe by their car in the church parking lot. Here are a few our staff would recommend: Love DoesA Faithful Man or Blessed Is the Man.


For more ideas on how to bless your ministry team, be sure to visit our #ReturnTheBlessing resource page for all your Ministry Appreciation Month needs.




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