May Birthday Gift Guide

May Birthday Gift Guide

It’s birthday time - time for cake, ice cream, balloons, fun games and lots of laughter all in celebration of that special person in your life. Whether you attend the party or not, you can always wish them the best with a small gift, or a free shareable eCard. Below are four ways to celebrate - from your best friends to your co-workers to that long-lost pal you lost touch with a few years back. We’ve got you covered. After all, what better way to #LiveYourFaith than to celebrate your loved ones with inspirational, faith-filled gifts, keepsakes, trinkets and maybe even a free, shareable eCard.

Best Friend's Birthday -
 Celebrate your best friend's special day and touch their heart with uplifting journals, perpetual calendars, mugs, Christian living books and more! Don't forget a card and matching gift bag.

Best Selling Birthday Gifts

Small Group Members, Co-workers, and Neighbors -
Check out our special prices on our Just for Fun gifts. Grab 5 or more of these meaningful, trinket gifts to receive special, discounted prices. Stock up now and be prepared for months to come.

Small Inspirational Gifts

Long-Distance Friends -
So maybe she’s not your best friend anymore, but you’ll never forget her or her birthday. Just because you’ve moved on to a new season in life doesn’t mean you have to stop letting her know how much your friendship truly impacted your life. Stock up on boxed cards today - 2 for $10

2 for $10 Boxed Cards

Oh No, It’s Today! -
No worries, you can reach out with a sweet, inspirational message from our eCard Studio in a matter of seconds. We even have belated birthday eCards for those who are running a little behind. Enjoy!

eCard Studio


At DaySpring, it is our hope that by providing you with meaningful, Scripture-filled gifts, you will be fully equipped to encourage your friends and loved ones with hope-filled messages of God’s love, peace, hope and strength. Know someone who has an upcoming birthday? Remember to wish them a “Happy Birthday” - whether that be through a beautifully designed eCard, small gift or hand-written note. It might just make their day.