Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders

Isn’t it funny that on our most difficult days, we seem to come across that one keepsake, photo or heirloom that reminds us of that one relative who encouraged us to lean on Jesus for strength, patience and hope? Let’s start putting our thoughts, concerns, loves and life lessons down on paper - just in case God needs to use our words to confirm His presence in the lives of our loved ones tomorrow, next week, and maybe even years down the road. You never know…

» Record your treasured memories in a Christian journal

» Record personal thoughts, cherished verses and prayers in a journaling Bible

» Going on a trip? Send postcards to your loved ones detailing your experiences

» Send meaningful, handwritten cards to your loved ones

» Contact a personal historian to record an oral history interview about your life story

» Did someone show you grace? Give them a grace-themed gift, with a little note of how they impacted your life

» Create a family photo album and label pictures of parents, friends, children, aunts & uncles…

» Celebrate family with keepsakes that honor cherished relationships between grandmother & grandchild, sisters, husband & wife and more

» Fill out a Memory Book - many of these include thought-provoking questions for preserving family memories

» Personalize an Inspirational Memory Book for your baby

» Use a journaling Bible as the guest book at weddings and other occasions - then use it as your family Bible

» Create a family recipe book

» Illustrate your Bible or Praise Book to portray your inner thoughts and feelings while exploring your creative side

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