Just for Fun

Just for Fun

Creating a little fun for someone who has been under a lot of pressure or is facing difficult times is the perfect way to encourage them through their journey. Below are a few ways to do just that…

» Give a small gift “just because”

» Ask them to lunch

» Tell a joke

» Share the love of Jesus with a cross to remind them He is always there

» Bring cookies to work

» Hand out Scripture Shareables to co-workers for encouragement

» Leave a song on their voicemail

» Place an encouraging magnet on a friend's refrigerator when you visit

» Share an encouraging thought

» Invite a friend to take on a new hobby with you – maybe take a juggling class?

» Stop by their house just to say hello

» Plan a laser tag night with members of your small group

» Encourage your favorite bookworm with a new bookmark and pen

» Give a CD mix of favorite praise songs

» Surprise a loved one with an inspirational keychain as a fun surprise

» Surprise your spouse with a weekend getaway

» Give a high five

» Place a memo pad with a meaningful message on a co-worker's desk

» Grab a stressed-out co-worker for a quick walk around the building

» Plan an Illustrated Faith Girls’ Night

» Let the store manager know what great service you received from one of their employees

» Stock up on Small Gifts and bless someone for fun

Just for Fun