Journey of a Giving Plate

The journey of a giving plate never ends. It moves from house to house blessing everyone in its path - from friend to neighbor, parent to teacher, church member to pastor, and so on and so on. And each simple exchange warms hearts with the expression of genuine kindness, love and gratitude. What an amazing concept!

Today we challenge you to put a giving plate in motion - fill it with your favorite goodies, famous pound cake or chocolate-covered pretzels and pass it to someone who could use a little encouragement. Here are a few ideas on how to send your giving plate on its sure-to-be amazing, loved-filled journey:

1. Fill your giving plate with your favorite yummy dessert, and pass it along with a handwritten card, asking the recipient to sign the bottom of it using a paint pen before passing along. This is a great way to keep track of its travels.

2. Consider your options - when it comes time to pass your giving plate along, you may know just the one to give it to, but also think about those who might be working during the holidays, such as your local nursing home attendants, church office staff or firefighters.

3. Create a Facebook page for your giving plate and ask each recipient to check in, add photos, and stories of how they were blessed by it.  Or try posting in any social media with a hashtag like #givingplate - or maybe even create a new hashtag just for yours!  (How far can the #MartinGivingPlate travel? How many will it bless?)

4. Know someone new in town? Host a dinner party and introduce the giving plate concept to your circle of friends - and use this gathering to welcome a new friend into your group.

5. Make it a family event. Have everyone in your family help with the decision-making process. What to bake? Who to give it to? And, drop it off together. Who knows? This could turn into a family tradition.

Have a fun “giving plate” story? We would love to hear how you used your giving plate to bless others – tell us by posting to our Facebook page. Looking forward to reading all about your experience. Check out our Christmas Gifts & Decor for more ways to give and Shine His Light this season.