Jesus the Shepherd - Our Miraculous Middle Man

Jesus the Shepherd - Our Miraculous Middle Man

This article was written by the creator of one of DaySpring’s most loved collections of all time: Really Woolly. Below you will read how Rose Mary Harris followed God’s calling in her life to create Scripture-filled cards and products, all featuring uplifting messages and those little sheep we’ve come to adore.

In the middle of the night, in the middle of a huge life transition for me, pictures of Jesus as our Shepherd came off the pages of Scripture and, with my willing hand, found their way onto the paper before me. I could just picture us as His sheep and Jesus as our Shepherd. Right in the middle of His messy kids - who He called His very own sheep - there He was, the ever-living, always loving, best friend, Savior and God's own Son...Jesus!

After seeing Him this way, I stayed up night after night drawing and writing cards featuring his sheep - each one with a different encouraging, life-giving message. Today, after teaming up with DaySpring nearly 30 years ago, Really Woolly has over 2,000 individually designed cards, as well as children’s books, children’s Bibles, plush sheep, activity sets and party ware (check out the entire collection here). And, after all this time, Jesus is still the very center of what this line is all about.

He IS the middle man worthy of our worship this Easter.


Jesus the Son is in the middle of God the Father and the Holy Spirit

Jesus the Savior is the go between God and

Jesus the Creator is the very center of the universe.

Jesus is the very middle of time, all past, present and future.

Jesus the human is in the very middle of our earthly experience...He is one of us.

He even became a sheep Himself - the sacrificial Lamb of God.


In the middle of the garden He cried out to his Father.

In the middle of the cross He bled out on our behalf.

In the middle of the night in that black tomb He turned the life-light back on.


In the middle of God's promises our Shepherd turned the past of sin and death into the future of life forever!

And here we still are. His Created people. His sheep. Right in the middle of our wonderful, messy, sometimes very hard lives. Many of us have run to Him with open arms ready to soak in every promise He has made. Many others are still exploring what it all means and why one such as Jesus would put Himself right in the middle of heaven and hell for them.

Each of us, regardless of number of days lived or days to come, are right in the middle of our life's story, with an entire past behind, and an entire future ahead. Our story is still being written by the Shepherd, who also calls Himself the Alpha and Omega, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. He not only writes our story, He lives it with us. He is in the middle of our messes with us. He goes behind us and before us. He loves us. He wants to love the sheep next to us through us.

He wants us to be middle men, too.

The Shepherd has put us right in the middle of His whole wide world for His great purposes. He wants to share His story through ours. That's why we on the Really Woolly team take great joy and put lots of effort into creating cards, books, and lots of other story telling tools. So one sheep can encourage another to know that Miraculous Middle Man we worship this Easter...Jesus the Shepherd.

Please take a minute to enjoy these Really Woolly creations (25% off with code EASTER25). It is our hope that this line will help you share your story of the Shepherd in your life with others who'd love to see Him in theirs!

As we have been known to shout from time to time around the Really Woolly water cooler, to you this Easter, a hearty "Baahleluiah!" because the Miraculous Middle Man still lives!


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He not only writes our story, He lives it with us - Rose Mary Harris
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