Instagram Takeover Recap

Instagram Takeover Recap

Thanks so much for taking part in our Craving Connection Instagram Takeover Jan. 24th. We loved connecting our DaySpring designers, Illustrated Faith tribe members and (in)courage friends. It was a beautiful celebration of our bond, and our sincere love and appreciation for one another. It is our hope that this celebration brought you closer to our community and to one another.

Our teams were inspired all day by your comments and connections such as these:

In response to this (in)courage post:

joyful_arrows commented: “So many women, who don't know me, have reached out during my second cancer diagnosis and offered prayers and support!” rtwministries responded ““You are not alone. God is with you through it all. Praying for you, sis!”

In response to this (in)courage post:

luvmybgs2 asked Illustrated Faith Founder Shanna Noel: “How do I get started [with Bible journaling] and stay committed once I do!!” to which Shanna responded: “give yourself a challenge - "I'm going to try it in the next 2 week" and if you enjoy it commit to doing it once a week - if you are anything like me you will be craving the word and bible journaling like crazy and love up to once a day in no time.”

In response to this Illustrated Faith post:

g33fy commented: “Probably a dumb question... But why are you sticking letters on top of the bible letters? The one on the transparent sheet is awesome.. But what's the point of hiding a few words by sticking on top of bible pages? P.S. I'm totally for bible journaling- I want to try it someday.” To which diana_denis responded: “it's not a dumb question at all. And while everyone may have slightly different answers, I use my journaling bible to journal, to document my walk with scriptures. I have my bible for studying and one I carry to church but my journaling bible is a diary of sorts and when I have filled it I'll date it and file it and start a new journaling bible. I've been connecting with the Word in a very new way and I am loving every minute of it! Have fun when you get started, you may find you're hiding God's word in a much deeper way once you dive in!”

In response to this Illustrated Faith post:

winter_lawson commented: “My sweet friend @quilthuntr introduced me to Bible journaling. I feel in love immediately. My first kit was last August and I was too nervous to journal in my bible until Advent. I've always loved reading Scripture and scrapbooking. This has given me a way to really write His truth on my heart and memorize it like never before!”

In response to this DaySpring post:

bridgett.brainard commented: “Love your story! I did my first page in the #if_cravingconnections and I loved the Devo! Super excited to read the book!”

mamascoffeebreak also commented: “Love reading this story and love following both accounts,” to which (in)courage responded, “So glad to have you in the community.”

We loved reading through your comments yesterday, all the while praising God as we witnessed sisters-in-Christ encourage one another, learn from one another, and possibly even find new ways to grow in their faith together. Isn’t God amazing?

If you are interested in learning more about the connection between DaySpring and (in)courage, read What is (in)courage? and to view DaySpring’s (in)courage-inspired friendship gifts and cards, check out our (in)courage Collection. And for more information about Illustrated Faith, check out our article What is Illustrated Faith? - you can also view our huge selection of Illustrated Faith Bible journaling goodies by checking out our Illustrated Faith store. Also, why not follow DaySpring on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (or join our email list) to stay tuned to new product releases, inspirational articles, promotions and more!

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