Illustrated Faith - Affiliate Resources

Illustrated Faith - Affiliate Resources

Hi friends!

May’s kit “Less Hustle More Jesus” is on its way to a mailbox near you! This one is full of Scriptures about how you are created, called, and crowned by the King and as you dig into the truths found throughout this specifically designed kit we hope you will have a lot to respond to. Have fun!


Friday 4/27 (or after Shanna’s post on 4/26): Social Sneak Peek! Go ahead and post an unboxing video or a sneak peek of the new kit on your social media channels - let your audience know that the new kit will be available soon on

*Side note: the reason we ask you to wait to sneak peek the new kit is so that Shanna can be the first to share. Shanna works very closely with DaySpring Artists to perfect each tiny detail of each kit, and we want her to be the first to introduce her hard work to the Bible journaling community. With that being said, once you see Shanna’s sneak peek on the Illustrated Faith Instagram Page, feel free to post your sneak peek as well.

Tuesday 5/3 PM – 5/10: Post your review on the kit and email it to your subscribers, share it on all your social media channels and let everyone you know about it. Banners will be available in CJ and SAS.

*Side note: the reason we ask you to wait to post your review is so Shanna can be the first to share. So, if you see Shanna’s promotions go out, feel free to post away.

Monday 5/10: Email Morgan links to your review(s), unboxing videos and social media posts.

Friday 5/14: We will choose a favorite to receive a $100 bonus payment through CJ or SAS.