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How to create a Custom Link (Deep Link)

If you’d like to link to a specific item or collection page on DaySpring.com you can now create a custom link (also known as deep link) without searching through text links and individual product links within the datafeed.

This can be done in just a few steps by following the instructions below for either CJ or SAS.

How to Create a Custom (Deep) Link in CJ

Before you can create a custom link using CJ, you need to add the Deep Link Generator to your Browser Toolbar. Once you’ve landed on the product/page you’d like to promote at DaySpring.com, click the CJ Deep Link Generator bookmarklet to view your deep link. Then copy and paste the link onto your site, FB page, etc.

To add the Deep Link Generator to your toolbar, follow these instructions:

  • Go to “Links” then choose the “Link Tools” subtab
  • Expand the Deep Link Generator section
  • Drag the CJ Deep Link button to your browser toolbar

Once the Deep Link Generator has been added to your toolbar, open up the page/product on DaySpring.com that you would like to link to.

Then, click on the Deep Link Generator within your toolbar and your custom link will be generated.

How to Create a custom (deep) link in SAS:

  • Scroll over "Links" from the top navigation
  • Click "Get a Link/Banner"
  • Under "Merchant Programs" you'll see DaySpring Cards. Choose "Get Links"
  • You'll see several Tabs for various affiliate links. Choose "Create Custom Link"
  • Copy and paste the URL from DaySpring.com that you would like to convert to an affiliate link. Once your link has been created, copy and and paste it over to your blog post or site.


Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions.

DaySpring Team