Grand Gestures

Grand Gestures

Maybe it’s time to make a big impact on someone’s life. Whether this be your closest friend, a fairly evasive neighbor, or that new, stand-offish visitor at church, you may want to think through some of these big, grand ideas on how to encourage them.

» Give a thoughtful gift

» Listen

» Fill this vase with flowers

» Show genuine interest

» Ask them to lunch

» Give a friend an encouraging piece of jewelry

» Mow your neighbor’s lawn

» Volunteer at a food bank

» Offer to babysit

» Surprise a co-worker with this inspirational gift set

» Visit a nursing home resident

» Rake leaves for an elderly neighbor

» Fill this plate with cookies for the nearest fire station

» Walk your neighbor’s dog

» Treat someone to a movie

» Bake a cake for a neighbor

» Invite a friend to tea

» Forgive a loan

» Invite someone to go bowling

» Send a care package

» Empathize

» Make their favorite meal

» Take a “get well” basket to a sick friend

» Stop by the grocery store to pick up a few items for them

» Become a mentor

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