Fun-Filled Fellowship

Fun-Filled Fellowship

Isn’t it nice to know you have a good group of friends, co-workers or small group members who just want the best for you? And, you want the same for them, right? Well, here are some ways to lift up your entire group so that you can continue to encourage one another through the ups and downs of life.

» Host a “thank you” lunch just to let your group members know how much you appreciate them - give each member specific reasons for why they are individually special

» Share Scripture Shareables with group members - choose Words that will help them lean on God during their current situations

» Keep a candy bowl full of chocolate at your desk - give coworkers a word of encouragement with each piece they grab

» Share an encouraging thought (as soon as you think it…don’t let the moment pass)

» Send an encouraging, hand-written card to each member of your group for no special reason - “just because”

» Host a weekly coffee time with your mom friends - this would be a great time to encourage each other through the seasons of motherhood

» Stock up on inspirational small gifts - hand them out to team members as situations and occasions arise

» Say “thanks” and let them know how much you truly appreciate them - remind them of the times they’ve reminded you to keep going

» Make an impact on your team at the office by decorating with faith-filled wall plaques, perpetual calendars and desk pads - who knows? these subtle tools might bring up a much-needed conversation

» Note the positive changes you see in your team members

» Listen (even when you think they are way off track)

» Pick up a shift for a weary co-worker

» Celebrate each member’s birthday with a group-signed card, get-together, surprise gift, or you could always send a free Happy Birthday Ecard

» Give each member a small token to help them remember they are not alone in their walk with God

» Care enough to ask thoughtful questions in a small group setting - don’t just skim off the top, but dare to go a little deeper

» Organize a group project to help the needy

» Pray for each other - fill out sticky prayers together to keep reminders of what to pray for throughout the week

» Spend the extra time to build trust within the group

» Remind them of God's promises

» Pass out monthly award certificates - even if it’s the “always late award” :)

» Read an encouraging book together, and meet to discuss your learnings

» Invite your group over for a night of Bible journaling (Read How to Host an Illustrated Faith Girls’ Night)

» Celebrate each group member’s accomplishments - Congratulate them with a group-signed card, gift, free, shareable eCard or even a quick text or phone call. Either way, let them know how happy you are for their successes.

» Share the article Why Are We Called to Encourage with your coworkers and discuss over lunch!