Favorites from the (in)courage Community

Favorites from the (in)courage Community

I pray as I bustle around the kitchen. Spreading creamy peanut butter on slices of wheat bread while asking God to prepare my heart to speak to a group of moms. Dumping remnants of little boys’ soggy cereal down the sink while inviting the Holy Spirit to move mightily through the message He’s given me to share. I grab a banana from the metal hook and glance at the gray clip frame next to it. The pretty print reads: Let your light shine. When you show up, Jesus does too.

I turn the beautiful truth into a prayer, say Amen in my spirit, and call my kids to grab their lunches off the counter; it’s time for speaking and school.

* * *

I change the load of laundry and put away groceries. Stocking the fridge so my husband and sons will have plenty to eat while I’m away with girlfriends on a ministry team retreat. I hang up a fresh bunch of bananas and smile when I read the sweet print my six-year-old chose to clip up for the week: Love extravagantly. Celebrate boisterously. Laugh generously.

It’s the perfect banner of encouragement to hang in my heart as a prayerful declaration for the upcoming weekend of fellowship and fun.

* * *

I flip fish sticks and add green beans to boiling water. Mean words and bickering whines emanate from the back bedroom and I have to put fixing dinner on pause again to referee the escalating battle between brothers. I return to a pot almost boiling over and I feel a searing kinship with the stainless steel pan. Refrains of “It’s not fair” and “Stop it now” erupt again and I nearly lash back with my own angry retort, but the clip frame on the counter catches my eye again. Today it displays: Life and death are in the power of the tongue. ~Proverbs 18:21 KJV.

The lovely watercolor design encircles the truth I need to circle back to again and again.

* * *

Day after day, week after week, (in)courage by DaySpring’s Inspirational Gray Wash Clip Frame & Art Print Set blesses my heart with timely words of encouragement. With 25 art prints to choose from, you can find a heartfelt sentiment to fit whatever mood you’re in or circumstance you’re facing.

Sometimes I swap out prints daily. Other times the words resonate so deeply that I keep the same print up for several weeks as a personal or family mantra, like with the “I love my messy, stressful, over-the-top beautiful life” print, or the “There is power in needing Jesus together. And we all need Jesus” card. These are truths I will never tire of or outgrow!

The Inspirational Clip Frame & Art Print Set comes in three different finishes - gray wash, whitewash, and oak finish - each make a lovely addition to your home décor or a meaningful gift for a friend. When we surround ourselves with truth and encouragement displayed in a beautiful way, we not only create an inviting home, we also cultivate a welcoming heart.

Why not take some time today to think through some ways to infuse beauty and inspiration into your everyday routine? And be sure to check out our (in)courage Collection to find even more home décor, jewelry and gifts - all reminders of God’s life-giving message of love, hope, peace and joy.

When we surround ourselves with truth, we cultivate a welcoming heart.

Becky Keife

Becky is a writer, speaker, editor, grateful grad student, and blessed mama of three spirited boys. She loves encouraging women in the thick of it and shining light on God’s fingerprints in her life. You can find Becky hiking sunny California trails with her crazy boy crew and her writing at http://www.beckykeife.com/.

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