Family Focused

Family Focused

Sometimes it’s those closest to us that need the most encouragement. Reach out to your spouse, children, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles and let them know how much you care. It could change the dynamics of your entire household.


» Eat lunch with your child at school


» Next time you want to throw the towel in, give your kid a hug instead


» Leave a sweet love note for your spouse in their briefcase or in the driver’s seat of their car


» Call your parents - say “thank you”


» Send flowers to your Mom


» Write that long overdue apology letter


» Schedule a weekly family game night - use this time to lift up your family with encouraging words such as “you’re so smart,” “wow! how did you know that?,” or “great job!”


» Reward your kids or grandkids with special coupons


» Serve your spouse breakfast in bed on this inspirational platter - remind them how truly loved they are


» Put “I love you” notes in your kid’s lunchbox


» Spouse had a hard week? Surprise him/her with their favorite dessert


» Send fun postcards to family members with messages of God's love


» Mail your child’s artwork to the grandparents


» Collect family stories in a journal to pass down to your children - a nice way to keep encouraging them through the years


» Take time to color with your kids or grandkids - this would be a nice time to tell them how proud you are of their most recent accomplishment


» Let your teen teach you about his/her hobby (even if it's something you don't particularly enjoy)


» Send a long-distance relative the same Christian Living Book you are reading and plan a weekly phone call to discuss the topics


» Plan a family reunion to get in touch with those far away - let your long-distance relatives know you miss them


» Learn your spouses’ love language


» Share an encouraging thought (as soon as you think of it - don’t let the moment pass)


» Hard week? Take your family on a spontaneous, last-minute weekend excursion


» Give a thoughtful gift to a disheartened family member - let them know you care