Enjoy Your Summer

Enjoy Your Summer

Summer speaks to us in different ways than other seasons. She says to us, “Pause, savor, feel warmth on your skin.” It’s easy to miss her. She’s quiet, you know. She whispers from the bright red of strawberries that kiss your lips when you taste them. She beckons from waves that stretch out along the shore like a welcoming party. She calls your name through fireflies that invite you to dance in the early dark.

She’s God’s gift to us. A reminder of fullness and grace, rest and beauty, sweetness and abundance.

Will you take a few moments to listen to her with me today? I overlook her almost every year. Then I find myself at the end of September wondering how I missed all the wonder.

Step outside or glance out your window for a moment–just a moment–and look up at the sky. Feel the sun brush your skin, see the flowers dressed up in swimsuit colors, wave hello to a newly hatched robin taking her first hop across the lawn.

Each one is a miracle, ours for the enjoying.

Like strawberries on the vine.


Looking for some inspiration this summer? Surround yourself with simple reminders of God’s love this summer. Place an inspirational perpetual calendar on your desk, decorate your kitchen counter with a clip frame & art print set, choose from over 100 faith-filled wall art pieces to display in your living room, or fill up this “Fire and Grace” Insulated Tumbler with ice cold water on your way to the beach. Also, be sure to send your loved ones a Summertime Ecard to remind them to praise God for the beautiful, sunny summer months.

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Summer: a reminder of fullness and grace, rest and beauty, sweetness and abundance. - Holley Gerth

Holley Gerth

Holley Gerth is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who encourages the hearts of women through her words. Sign up for her free devotionals and read more from her at holleygerth.com.

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