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In recognition of the National Day of Encouragement (9/12), DaySpring is launching its first ever #EncouragementDare. From August 30 through September 12, we DARE YOU and your readers to actively encourage those around you. You see, it’s easy to ignore that little voice in the back of your mind that reminds you to share God’s love with your elderly neighbors, set up that lunch date with a grieving friend or pray with a coworker; however, with the #EncouragementDare, we invite you to join us as we take the leap from thought to action. And, why not dare a friend or loved one to take the plunge with you?

During this time, we are going to equip you with ideas as well as tools and resources to help you encourage your friends, family members, neighbors, church members, coworkers and all who enter your path during the coming weeks. Look for:

» Free, Shareable Ecards - We have four #EncouragementDare Ecards. Reach out to a friend, neighbor or loved one today and offer to help them by bringing them a hot meal, doing their dishes, offering to babysit or just lift their spirits by letting them know how happy they make you.

» Ideas & Inspiration - We will have articles with many different ways on how to encourage those around you. For quick encouragement, read our Think Fast list, or if you want to make a grand gesture, read our Go All Out list. We also have a list to encourage your husband, sister, mom or daughter called Family Focused and Fun-Filled Fellowship that's perfect for lifting up co-workers or your small group.


Key Dates:

August 30: We will launch the #EncouragementDare. Feel free to share about partnering with us on this campaign on social media. Dare your readers to join the challenge with you and let them know DaySpring.com will provide them with all the tools and resources needed to help them reach out. We would love for you to share as many times as possible throughout the entire dare, which ends on Sept.12.

Sept. 1 - 6: Labor Day Encouragement Sale Launch - in an effort to get everyone stocked up to take the #EncouragementDare and to celebrate the National Day of Encouragement (9/12), we will have some amazing deals on several items in our encouragement section, boxed cards and perpetual calendars. For more information on these deals, or to help promote the sale alongside the #EncouragementDare, email me.

Sept. 7 - Sept 12: Email any encouragement Ecard to a friend or loved one and DaySpring will send you a sweet surprise in the days following Sept. 12. Let your readers know!

Sept 12: We will be celebrating with you on the National Day of Encouragement. Share your #EncouragementDare experience with your readers and social media audience. Email me all of your blog posts, videos and promotions of the #EncouragementDare. Three affiliates will be chosen to receive $75 bonus payments through CJ or SAS.

Sept 13: We will randomly select 50 participants who emailed an encouraging Ecard during the #EncouragementDare to receive a care package from DaySpring. Plus, all participants will receive a sweet surprise in their inbox with an invitation to keep on encouraging even after the dare is over.








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Thanks so much for helping spread the news about our #EncouragementDare. It is our hope that this endeavor will spread the joy and peace only found in God’s love for us. By encouraging each other, and reaching out to those around us, we can shine God’s light and bring hope to the hopeless. We truly appreciate your partnership!