Easter Articles

Prepare Your Heart for Easter

An Easter Prayer

"Let’s breathe in the Easter story and rejoice in the empty tomb!"

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3 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Family for Easter

"How can we prepare to fully accept His grace on Easter morning?"

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A Grandparents’ Guide to Easter

"Many of the treasures my grandparents gave are now reminders of their thoughtful expressions of love."

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Faith-filled Easter Gifts for Grandkids

"Easter is a wonderful time to share God’s love with your grandkids."

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What’s in Your Easter Basket?

"Take some time to fill up with His joy, hope and peace this Easter season."

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God's Love is the Common Thread

"The stitches of her faith were sewn into my heart."

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The Tomb is Empty - Our Hearts are Full

"Let us come to Him this Easter as His children, with open hearts and willing hands."

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Favorite Easter Hymns and Their Histories

"Are your Easter memories centered around a certain hymn?"

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Shine God's Light in the Midst of Holiday Stress

With my family, I never know what's about to happen. A few years ago, I pulled up to my...

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Sharing Easter with Kids (Without Scaring Them)

"As the tears streamed, my six year old asked in the saddest, little voice, “Jesus died?”

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Talking to Teens About Easter

"When teenagers realize the connection they seek can only be fulfilled at the Cross…"

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When He Said "It is Finished," He Was Talking About You

"No sin is too great for his mercy, not even mine."

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Remembering Holy Week

“Holy Week is about remembering the only One who is truly holy - Jesus Christ."

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Prepare the Way of the Lord

"Is your heart ready to celebrate Easter?"

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Planning the Perfect Easter Celebration

"Don’t let day-to-day tasks take away from Jesus this Easter."

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In Pursuit of Peace

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your life."

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Experiencing God's Peace

"God’s Peace: the amazing feeling of contentment, love, pure joy and unimaginable relief."

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