Video Workshop: Devotional Doodle Journal for Kids

Featuring Author & DaySpring Artist, Jon Huckeby

About the Workshop

Born out of the Devotional Doodle Journal for kids, this workshop will calm your child and stimulate their creativity. And without even realizing it, your child will get a devotional lesson on God’s care. Not only will it keep your kid busy while you take that conference call, It will teach your child at the end to put what they learned into action to share with someone. You will love it and we’re guessing you will want to join in too.

Artist Bio

Jon Huckeby has been doodling in some form his entire life. As a child he would always draw in the back pages of his books and he never passed up an offer to play with some form of clay or silly putty. Today Jon likes to design & illustrate greeting cards and gifts but his passion is still doodling. “Everything I do starts with a doodle.” When not at work Jon loves to spend time making art at home with his wife and children.