Is it not true my house is with God? For He has established a permanent covenant with me, ordered and secured in every detail. Will He not bring about my whole salvation and my every desire? II SAMUEL 23:5 CSB 

Do you know the saying, “Don’t sweat the details”? You probably have stories filled with how you sweat the details if you’ve had a wedding. Did you agonize over the perfect shade of napkins or throw daggers at the deejay with your eyes when he cued the music incorrectly (though no one but you noticed)? Maybe you missed the magnitude of the moment because you were caught up in the minutiae. 

What about times when you’re too busy to notice the small stuff only to regret it later? Were you too focused on work deadlines to listen to your child tell stories about their day? Have you ever been distracted while pruning plants and nipped the wrong branch? 

We misjudge and misplace our focus at times. It’s easy for us to fall into that trap when we imagine how God views the details of our lives. We might give God credit for the big wins, but not the small stuff. We know—at least we hope—He’s paying attention to our major life moments and decisions (He is). But we imagine He’s probably too busy to see or care about the substance of our everyday lives (He’s not, and He does). 

The wonder of God’s omnipresence and omniscience is that He is everywhere and sees everything at once. It’s challenging to comprehend. We certainly can’t do that. Sometimes we can’t even keep tabs on the goings-on of our household! But that’s why God is God, and we are not. He never tires. He never gets bored. He never tunes out. He always sees, always cares, always loves. 

Don’t miss that last detail. God loves you, no matter what you do or don’t do. Yes, He sees everything, including your mistakes, but He loves you nonetheless and all the same. His capacity for love abounds like His attention span. It never, ever ends. 

God, Your power and love are too great to comprehend. Even though I don’t fully understand it, I am grateful for Your care and attention. Thank You for never leaving me and always loving me. 

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