I love You, LORD; You are my strength. PSALM 18:1 NLT 

When you are going through a valley of sadness, there can be a daily struggle of saying you’re fine when you aren’t. There can be internal pressure to wear a smile as you pass by people around you when, deep down, you don’t want to smile, you don’t want to ask how they are doing, you don’t want to pretend you’re okay when you’re not. Your only strength is God’s portion on your life, one moment at a time. 

But when you get down to what really matters during difficult days, there is the truth that it’s okay not to be okay. It’s okay to be real, to feel vulnerable, and to speak honestly instead of trying to hide behind a false pretense of happiness. Reflecting on the outside what lies inside is not only freeing, but it presents the opportunity for another caring soul to walk into your world and bring you the pure and sincere comfort you need.  

God gave us our emotions not to hide them but to let them be what they need to be until we’re ready to say that we are okay. 

Lord, I’m so thankful to know that You understand how hard it is for me to be around others and to act as though I’m okay when I’m not. My heart is broken, yet I don’t want to stand out. At the same time, this is not a time to cater to any expectations of being fine and well. I need and want to be honest about what I’m really going through and that I’m not okay right now. Instead of fighting any pressure to hurry up and heal, help me to accept what I feel and allow myself the grace I need to come up out of the depths in my own time. You are my strength today and tomorrow and the next day until I can stand once again in the full measure of being whole. 


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