How kind He is! How good He is! So merciful, this God of ours! Psalm 116:5 TLB 

The hope in a simple wildflower... the compassion in a colorful sunrise... the wonder in a starry sky... the kindness in a cloudless day—so merciful, this God of ours! Lord, don’t let us miss all this! Our lives don’t have to be busy to mean something. Days don’t have to be scheduled from morning until night to be productive. We can stop and stare at Your goodness. We can simply take time for You. 

God knows what each one of our days looks like. He knows what we’re going to see, what we’ll say, who will be in them, and how we’ll react to what comes. His grace is in it minute by minute. We don’t have to think about every detail of our day if we pray about it first. Lord, I’m giving the day to You. I trust You with every part of it. Inviting Him in takes the stress off us. Our minds will be freed up to follow His lead. His goodness will follow us. Demands on our time that don’t get met will be easier to let go of, because we surrendered our plans to God’s plan. His is always the best one. 

Trusting God with our whole heart is an exhilarating, freeing feeling. It carries us to a place of confidence that nothing in this world is able to give us. It’s joyful. And at the end of every day we don’t have to go over a mental score sheet to see how we did. We’ll rest in knowing God’s already marked it “well done” with a smiley face. His is the only approval that matters. His is the heart that cares for us most and loves us best. Tomorrow will be waiting with its schedules, to-dos, and demands, but don’t worry. God’s already there, and He’s ready to be trusted with whatever it holds. 

Dear God, I can trust You with all my days from start to finish. Give me strength to be the best I can be in them for Your purpose and glory. 

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