When my heart is faint and overwhelmed, lead me to the mighty, towering Rock of safety. PSALM 61:2 TLB 

Is anything too hard for God? Never. Would He leave us alone or without the strength we need to overcome anything we face today? Absolutely not. Will we let anything steal our peace, knowing God is for us? No way! Replacing anxious thoughts with confident declarations can keep us from feeling overwhelmed. Peace comes on the heels of thinking about what perfect love would say to us. If the thought isn’t something God would say, it’s got to go! 

Perfect love is the power of truth put into practice. Perfect love kicks out every fear that comes to take the place of faith. Perfect love lifts every hope God sends to carry us through. Perfect love erases every lie that tries to tell us God has stepped out of our lives. No matter what kind of wilderness it feels like we’re walking through, love is in it with an endless river of strength behind it. And there’s more beauty than we can imagine up ahead. 

God wants us to experience the peace He gives in the midst of the overwhelming days and the seasons of waiting. Love doesn’t leave when it gets hard. It faithfully leads with our best always at the center of its purpose. We can be at peace when things around us look like they’re falling apart because we know God is putting them together for our good. That’s why we put our trust in perfect love. That’s why when our hearts are faint and overwhelmed, we choose to steer our thoughts in the direction of truth. 

Truth says you are unique and wonderfully made. Truth says you are exactly where you should be on the way to what God has prepared for you. Truth says love emerges strongest in you when you feel weakest. And nothing in this world can defeat the strength that shows up on your behalf every time. 

Dear God, You are the strong, safe place my heart can take refuge in today. Fill my thoughts with Your truth and love, and give me renewed hope that every detail of my life is in Your hands. 

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