Permissions & Copyrights

Licensing Policy

1. DaySpring will allow limited use of DaySpring-owned copyrighted works by non profit, ministry based organizations for the following uses at no charge.

  • Bulletin covers
  • Program covers for retreats, seminars, or conferences
  • Sunday school lessons—illustrations or handouts
  • Decoration of Sunday school bulletin board

2. Limited use for unusual requests by non profit organizations (handled on a per case basis).

3. If electronic image is requested, the charge is $50.

4. Permission granted without fee only if the copyrighted work will not be used in connection with selling or fundraising.

5. Approved requests for products that will be sold will have a charge of $200 for each 5,000 copies made, if material is a small part of the product. Royalty will be charged for material that is a major part of the product. Written agreement required.

6. No requests for copyrighted material from the MasterPeace Collection to be placed on personal web sites will be granted. Commercial requests for web site use will be handled on a case by case basis with input from Web Master, Marketing Director, and Product Development Director.

Copyright Permission Request

To request copyright permission from DaySpring, please send an e-mail with ALL of the following information to

  • Your name and job title
  • Organization name
  • Organization address
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Your e-mail address
  • A brief description of the product being copied
  • The product number (found on the back of the product, in the bottom right)
  • The number of copies desired
  • If the copies will be in black and white or color
  • The purpose of the copies
  • Event date
  • Specify if you are requesting an electronic version of the image. If so, there will be a charge of $50
  • Any additional comments

* Please allow two weeks for a permission or denial response.