I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Romans 15:13

Does it make us sound like a broken record to say that the world is an uncertain place these days? Things are hard, and we know it. But as believers, we don’t have to rely on our own strength to get us through the day. Because we know Jesus on a personal level, we can feel confident hope for the future. We can walk into each day with the belief that He has made a way for us, and we can find joy and peace along the way.

This year, the promise of confident hope in Christ is our focus. It is our solace from the difficult challenges that face us in the world. Because we believe in Him and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be filled with confident hope.


God, the Father

The foundation of confident hope is laid in the acknowledgment of God as the ultimate source. In Romans 15:13, Paul begins his prayer by recognizing God, the Father, as the wellspring of hope. This foundational understanding establishes a connection with a divine and unwavering source that goes beyond our worldly circumstances. As we trust in God, the Father, we tap into a reservoir of hope that is not dependent on external conditions but is grounded in the unchanging nature of the Almighty.


God, the Son

Hope is not a distant concept, but a tangible reality embodied in the person of Jesus Christ. The Son of God, Jesus, becomes the means through which hope is made accessible to humanity. His life, teachings, and sacrificial love on the cross provide a pathway to redemption and restoration. By trusting in Him, we discover a transformative hope that transcends our limitations and guides us through life’s challenges. Jesus is not merely a historical figure but an ever present means of hope, leading us into a future filled with promise.


God, the Holy Spirit

The journey of hope is not one we embark upon alone. In Romans 15:13, the role of the Holy Spirit is highlighted as the power that fills believers with joy and peace. The Holy Spirit empowers us to navigate life’s complexities with confidence and assurance. It is through the Spirit’s guidance and presence that we experience a hope that surpasses understanding. The Holy Spirit not only illuminates the Scriptures but also dwells within us, enabling us to overflow with confident hope even in the face of adversity.


God, Three in One

The beauty of Romans 15:13 lies in its revelation of hope as a triune experience. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit work in perfect harmony to provide an abundance of hope that is comprehensive and complete. It is not a mere wishful thinking or optimism, but a confident hope rooted in the very nature of the Triune God. As we embrace the fullness of this divine hope, we find ourselves not just surviving but thriving in every season of life.

Confident hope is not a fleeting emotion but a steadfast anchor in the character and promises of God. Through the Trinity—God, the Father, as the source; God, the Son, as the means; and God, the Holy Spirit, as the power—we discover a rich and overflowing abundance of hope. In a world searching for certainty, this triune hope stands as an unshakable foundation, inviting us to trust, believe, and overflow with the confident hope that only the Holy Trinity can provide.

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