Church Secretary

Church Secretary

» Send Flowers to say thanks. Did you know DaySpring recently partnered with FTD to design bouquets with faith-filled messages? Any of these arrangements are sure to brighten your church secretaries’ day.

» Bake homemade cookies. Bake a batch of your world-famous cookies, place them on this Joy & Peace Wooden Tray, and top it with a special, heartfelt card. You could even leave it anonymously in front of the office door.

» Schedule a lunch date. It’s always nice to get out of the office for lunch. Invite your church secretary to join you at a favorite restaurant in town and pick up the check as a gesture of gratitude.

» Drop off a special morning brew. Find out their favorite fall drink - maybe it’s a pumpkin spice latte or that new apple & cranberry tea from the café down the street. You could even put the cozy, warm drink into an inspirational mug before dropping it off. 

» Send a heartfelt card with a special note of appreciation. We all know how special it feels to receive a sweet note (especially from someone who is thankful for our work). Just think about how meaningful it would be to find a thank-you note amongst the church bills and marketing pieces in the mail. 

» Gift her an inspirational book. The church secretary is usually the hidden link in the chain of most church projects. Equip her with an inspirational book, such as Finding Spiritual Whitespace by Bonnie Gray which would give her practical steps and insights into creating space in the everyday for God, refreshment, and faith.

» Spruce up her desk. Check out our inspirational office and desktop supplies or select from over 60 different 365-day perpetual calendars. These pieces will serve as a reminder of God’s love throughout her work day.

» Remind her to reflect. This beautiful porcelain mug will remind her to pause and reflect on God's many, many blessings in her life.

For more ideas on how to bless your ministry team, be sure to visit our #ReturnTheBlessing resource page for all your Ministry Appreciation Month needs.

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