Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Children's Ministry Coordinator

» Fruit of the Spirit baskets. One Sunday invite children to bring in pieces of fruit to place on this Life is Full of Blessings Wooden Tray for the children’s pastor/coordinator. Mail or email a note to the parents, reminding them to bring a piece of fruit then present the fruit and the tray during the church service.

» Affirmation wall. Cover a wall in your building with colorful craft paper. Place markers by the paper and invite the children to write encouraging notes for their children’s pastor.

» Send flowers. Flowers and/or small gifts are always a great way to bless someone!

» Volunteer. Offer to volunteer on occasion with the children’s ministry, and encourage other parents to do the same.

» Prayer. Show up before children’s ministry time to offer personal, one-on-one prayer.

» Card shower. Have everyone in the class agree to mail an Encouragement or Thank You card to the Children’s Ministry Coordinator.  Assign a different day of the week for each student to mail so the coordinator gets a card each day of the week.  Have them include their favorite Scripture in the card.

» Video thanks. Take a video of each student in the class saying what they’ve learned in the past year.  Ask your Pastor about showing it in church.  It would honor the Children’s Ministry Coordinator, plus be a nice plug for Sunday School!

» Say thanks.  Sometimes all it takes is two simple words - thank you. Spend a little time after the service with her and let her know how truly thankful you are for her role as a spiritual leader in your church. Take a selfie with her during this heartfelt moment and post it on social media so you can let your friends and family know how much you appreciate her.

» Remind her of how much she is loved.  Gift this Created, Called, Crowned Gift Set to remind her of how very much she is loved by you and by the One who has created, called, and crowned her for such a time as this.

For more ideas on how to bless your ministry team, be sure to visit our #ReturnTheBlessing resource page for all your Ministry Appreciation Month needs.

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