Celebrate & Congratulate

Celebrate & Congratulate

Know someone who is graduating this year? Has a birthday this month? Getting married? Got a promotion? Getting baptized? Is a good friend? Works hard all year? Enjoys cupcakes? Let’s go ahead and make up a song in their honor, tell them “congratulations” and encourage them to continue to pursue God with all their hearts. 

» Celebrate their accomplishments

» Ask them to lunch

» Cheer them on at Sporting Events

» Congratulate them for a promotion at work

» Celebrate your friendship with a weekend getaway together

» Plan a surprise party to celebrate their birthday

» Invite them to a celebratory coffee date

» Celebrate their marriage with an impactful anniversary gift they'll treasure

» Plan a get-together in their honor

» Make a congratulatory phone call

» Celebrate the impact a friend has made on your life

» Give a high five

» Give a small gift

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