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7 Items

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Confirmation & Communion Cards

Among the sacraments, Holy Communion and Confirmation are exciting milestones, central to the Christian faith. Young people become more closely united with Christ. The two ceremonies are glorious times of celebration for family and friends. Children feel extra special with an acknowledgment chosen just for them. DaySpring cards for Communion and Confirmation beautifully honor these occasions. The Sacramental series includes 10 collections. Children are greeted in affirming terms, such as "For a Lovely Young Lady" and "For a Special Young Man," sure to make a child smile with pride. Good wishes are presented in simple language that's easily read and understood. Each earnest message is accompanied by a short passage of scripture, tailored to the sacrament. The DaySpring name is synonymous with high quality. Collections are printed on premium stock. Words dance across the cards in spirited calligraphy. Meticulous die-cutting guarantees crisp images. Decorative elements that delight young eyes include foil, bronze, varnish, shine, and shimmering accents. Colors span the rainbow, from soft pastels to bold primary hues. Collections are available in quantities of three, six, and twelve cards, so you needn't buy a large volume that may not be used. With the current cost of Communion and Confirmation greeting cards, you'll appreciate the value pricing of these collections. DaySpring has 44 years of experience in crafting Christian cards. What began as a humble print shop is now the largest publisher of spiritual greeting cards in the world. Welcome a child into the Christian family with a specially-designed sacramental card. It will joyfully mark the significance of their deepening life with Christ.