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Bold Dreams & Bright Futures

Bold Dreams & Bright Futures

Graduation Day is so exciting! Family, friends, classmates, teachers, administrators, high-powered dignitaries and government officials gather to congratulate young men and women on a job well done. The ceremony is filled with speeches about following your dreams, trusting yourself, taking risks and embracing change. It’s a time for graduates to celebrate the past and look forward to the future. And, for many graduates, well, the future is bright and exciting and nothing short of fantastic.

Whether or not we realize it, we all have expectations of how our lives are going to go. We have pictured it time and time again in our heads. Some picture traveling the world while pursuing their dream job. Some picture a white picket fence with four beautiful, well-behaved children and an always-loving husband, while others see themselves owning a fortune 500 company by the time they turn 25. And, there is absolutely nothing wrong with pursuing your dreams, but we must also consider that our dreams may not be in God’s plan for us. And, even if we are aligned with God’s will, chances are the journey to achieve these dreams are just not as easy as one might think.

At DaySpring, we are passionate about equipping graduates with tools and resources that will help them in their journey. Because while it’s important to support them as they go after their dreams, it’s also important to remind them of His strong foundation to land on when their dreams just don’t go as planned.

Check out DaySpring Grad Gifts including inspirational keepsake boxes, photo frames, Scripture-inscribed jewelry, devotionals especially for graduates and Love Does gift sets (inspired by Bob Goff’s book Love Does) - all beautiful reminders of God’s love and hope for our lives. This year, give your graduate a joy-filled gift that will continue to inspire and remind them of where their true strength lies well after the graduation ceremony.


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Let’s remind our grads to lean on God’s strong foundation.
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