Better Together: Village Artisans

Better Together: Village Artisans

Here at (in)courage we love to share a few of our favorite things. But what makes them our favorite things are the people behind the products — people who are making a soul difference around the world. And today we’re excited to share about the amazing impact our friends at Village Artisan are having both locally and globally.

When Dave and Natasha Cox traveled to North India with their two small children, they loved sharing cups of chai with their new friends in the area. But as they listened to the stories of locals, they heard about the struggles of fathers and mothers who worked hard for their families and loved their children, but the local workers were exploited by employers and mired in poverty. Through many conversations it became clear, they were simply seeking a fair opportunity.

Village Artisan was born out of the passion to make a difference to struggling artisan communities in North India.

Long before it was fashionable, Village Artisan pioneered the fair trade principles of putting people and sustainable development alongside sustainable profits. In the process, it has transformed the lives of individuals, families, and whole communities.

One of the greatest joys at (in)courage is our ability to partner with Village Artisan and this beautiful labor of love.

When we say “we’re better together,” we mean it, and we intend to live it. Every day in every season. By partnering with Village Artisan we are able to come alongside our brothers and sisters from around the world and share their beautiful products with our readers.

You can make a difference too. As we enter this holiday season and shop for our loved ones, let’s love our neighbors well by supporting the beautiful work...

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