Your Fearless Future

You probably don't have to think back too far in your memory to recall a time you felt keenly aware of God's protective presence. Perhaps it was that close call on the highway, or the surgery you dreaded, but came through with flying colors. Or the time your grief overwhelmed you, but beneath it all, you found a place of heart-deep peace and rest.

Although God is with you always, you are likely to perceive Him more intensely when you're fearful, afraid, lonely, struggling, or grieving. Yes, scary, perilous, and troubling times come! But God makes them work for you, not against you. He uses them to draw you closer to Him, deepen your trust in Him, and strengthen your relationship with Him. The more you discern His presence in difficult times, the less you'll worry about them happening. Your past experience convinces you that just as He was there for you then, He will be there for you now and in the future.

What have you to fear? When you are close to Him, deeply trusting in Him, and sure of your relationship with Him-absolutely nothing!

The Lord protects me from all danger; I will never be afraid.

Psalm 27:1 GNT


This was an excerpt from Shouts of Joy–a book designed to remind you of the goodness of your heavenly Father.