Words Matter

Encourage each other and build each other up. I THESSALONIANS 5:11 NLT 

Have you ever thought something kind about someone, but instead of sharing it, you chickened out and kept it to yourself? Maybe you saw another mom at the grocery store and thought it would be awkward if you complimented her outfit. In reality, she may have changed clothes ten times that day because she was feeling less than confident, and those simple words would have made her heart soar. 

I’m a big believer that if a compliment pops into your head, it needs to pop out of your mouth. You have no idea how much your words can help someone on any given day. If you’re thinking something like You have a beautiful smile or I love that lipstick or You are such a great mom or You are so helpful to us in this group, then I believe those words are put on your heart for a reason. Maybe God placed you here on earth to help others see themselves the way He sees them. Simply telling another person that they’re doing a great job can be such a gift to a friend or even a stranger. Don’t keep those blessings to yourself. Pour them out freely and generously any chance you get. Compliment someone today. 


This is an excerpt from 100 Days of Praise & Positivity by Maghon Taylor - a devotional journal now available on DaySpring.com. Shop all books, journals, and devotions from DaySpring here.