Who Did You Forget this Christmas?

The holiday season heralds one of our favorite, time-honored traditions: sending Christmas cards, of course. From year to year your list may grow by only one or two addresses at a time, and yet you always know in your heart you have been blessed by so many more people. As you write down the names of your closest friends, family, and those who so thoughtfully sent you a card last year, you still have to wonder: who are you forgetting?

Think beyond just friends and family. Now is the time to send your blessings to those who make your every day what it is. Think of the policemen and firemen who protect your loved ones around the clock. The teachers who devote so much energy and enthusiasm to mold the minds of your children. And there is no better time to simply send goodwill—think of the seniors who reside in the nursing home down the street, for example, many of whom must celebrate the season alone.

Use our checklist below to build your own list of Christmas card recipients. We’ve even included some suggestions for special Christmas messages to write inside.

Likely-to-Forget Friends

>Former classmates
>Friends or relatives you haven’t kept in touch with
>Nursing home residents

Sample Christmas card message – “Thinking of you at this special time of year. Love, the _____ family.”

Let Your Kids Send Christmas Cards to Their:

>Coaches, club advisors, etc.
>Preschool or daycare attendants
>School bus drivers
>Bible school teacher

Sample Christmas card message – “Sending our heartfelt blessings and eternal gratitude for all that you do for our family. Merry Christmas!”

Service Industries

>Insurance agent
>Dry cleaners
>Local grocer
>Trash collector
>Plow man
>Real estate agent
>Hospital, doctor’s, dentist’s, and veterinary offices
>Waitstaff at your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and newsstands

Sample Christmas card message – “As we celebrate this special Christmas season, we would like to thank you for your excellent service and hard work.”

City Officials & Government

>City offices or town hall
>Police station
>Fire station
>Mail carrier or postal office
>Local military offices

Sample Christmas card message – “Sending Christmas blessings to those who so dutifully serve our community. Thank you from the _____ family!”

Charities & Nonprofits

>Homeless shelters
>Women’s shelters
>Animal shelters
>Local food bank
>Church missionaries
>Church staff
>Nursing home staff

Sample Christmas card message – “Thinking of you and the good work you do this Christmas season.”

Grab your favorite Christmas Boxed Card Set today and spend a little extra time reaching out to those who impact your life on a daily basis. Want to go the extra mile? Bake your neighbor or friend some cookies and share them on a giving platter, so they can pass on Christmas blessings to others.

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