What Are We Mirroring?

The one who says that he remains in Him ought, himself also, walk just as He walked. I JOHN 2:6 NASB 

Have you noticed how a married couple almost starts to look alike? If the couple were just two people in a random lineup, it might not seem so apparent, but the longer they are together, the more obvious it seems. It is as though the more time they spend together, the more they reflect pieces of each other. 

As elementary as it may seem, the only way that we can mirror the heart of our heavenly Father is if we spend time with Him. We can learn all about His kindness or His grace or His mercy or His forgiveness, but until we experience it firsthand, it’s hard to make it personal. And much like in a husband-and-wife relationship, each one benefits from the goodness of the other. When a husband shows undeserved grace to his wife, she can’t help but be affected by it. It marks her soul. And when a wife displays patience or gentleness, her husband notices its warmth. As the relationship deepens and intimacy grows, each one begins to desire giving the love they have received. 

While we as humans could never offer anything good to a perfect Savior that we did not first receive from Him anyway, we are continually being transformed to mirror His heart. Not out of striving or obligation, but rather through our worship and admiration we long to portray just a morsel of the love and tenderness we have been extended. 

Who doesn’t want to look like Jesus? He is perfection and peace personified. However, we can live a long time desiring to resemble someone but never develop the discipline of learning what they are like. 

Prayer is not so much a problem answer method; rather, it’s just a conversation. As we lean in and witness the love of a giving Father, we return to the table once more. And then again and again and again. Digging into His Word turns from a last resort to a first stop. His guidance and instruction become the sweetness of our lives. Solitude is no longer a task or a suggestion but a luxury and a dream for our spirit. The thought of just being with Him becomes our greatest desire. 

Time spent together. Just being with Him. No performance necessary. But in turn, we will receive the greatest outcome we could ever hope for: reflecting and radiating the Savior of the world. 

Hey Jesus, thank You for wanting to spend time with me. My heart leaps knowing You don’t just love me but You like me. Help me to yearn for time with You so that I can better reflect all that You are. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

Cleere Cherry Reaves 
Radiate: 90 Devotions to Reflect the Light of Jesus 

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