We are Hand-Picked

God hand picks the people in our lives 

who will teach and guide us… 

the people who will love us 

and demonstrate God’s love to us 

in their own way. 

God knows from the moment 

our lives begin  

what each of our needs will be, 

and He’s faithful  

to take care of us  

in His perfect and gentle way. 


In light of this truth… 

Who in your life has blessed you with God’s love? Reach out to them and let them know. 

Today’s Reading: II TIMOTHY 1:3 TLB 

How I thank God for you, Timothy. I pray for you every day, and many times during the long nights I beg my God to bless you richly. He is my fathers’ God and mine, and my only purpose in life is to please him. 

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