Walking in Wonder

Teach me Your way, Lord; I will walk in Your truth; unite my heart to fear Your name. – Psalm 86:11 NASB 

So many of us have two speeds: running or standing still! We’re either going full speed ahead, not taking the time to stop and think and enjoy, or we’re unable to move forward, stuck in a spot and unsure of our next step. 

Today, we’re going to tackle a simple concept: walking. All throughout the Bible we read about people walking with God and God’s desire for His people to walk in His ways. In the New Testament Paul reminds us to walk in a manner worthy of God. Walking is no small deal in the Bible! 

Not only do we want to walk with God figuratively, but we want to make walking a practice in our lives. This week I want you to get out of your chair and walk. While you walk, you can talk with a friend, talk with Jesus, or just notice the beauty of the world around you. 

Walking helps remind us of the companionship we have with Jesus, a Savior who walks with us. It also helps us to physically remember the journey of life with Jesus. It requires actively stepping into the next moment with a willingness and awareness of what He calls us toward. I can’t wait for you to make walking a regular part of your life! 

Now get out your journal or find a piece of paper, and let’s reflect on a few questions together! 

First, get out your Bible and write down Colossians 1:10. Highlight or take note of anything that stands out to you! 

Are you a walker? What do you like most or like least about going on walks? 

Where do you like to walk? Does the weather where you live help you or hinder you? 

A “TIP” FROM CANDACE: Think ahead about when you will walk. Use it for a conversation with a friend or personal time. Be intentional about scheduling a walk each day.  

ACTIVITY: Describe your ideal walk (location, time, with someone vs. alone, etc.). 

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