The Word Stands Alone

The Word Stands Alone

Have you seen the new Illustrated Faith watercolour paint set in the DaySpring shop? It’s totally my new favourite! The colours are bright and bold and include some of my most used tones. Today in my video I wanted to test them out for you in my journaling bible and show you what they’re like.

Now I’m the first one to admit that I’m no watercolour artist. I’m a total novice when it comes to painting. I’ve never learned any techniques and I have no real skill in this field. But you know what? I don’t care in the slightest because I really enjoy doing it all the same! Perhaps you can relate? If so then I’m sure you’ll forgive me for the total lack of technique in my video today!

And as always we know that it’s not about the end result that matters, nor even the process of getting there. It’s actually about the time spent in the word worshiping our creative Saviour. Speaking of the Word, that is of course the topic of my bible journaling entry today. The Scripture is Luke 4 on the Temptation of Jesus. It’s where the enemy tries to trick and tempt Jesus into denying who He. But every time Jesus would reply with “it is written”, or “the word says” and it would put the enemy back in his place. Now this is coming from Jesus himself. Jesus, God’s own son. Jesus, who knew the very will of God and who heard the very voice of God at every turn. When the enemy tried to trick Him, He didn’t respond with a testimony of what He’d experienced before, He replied out of His knowledge of the Word.

The Word stands alone.

It doesn’t require validation from experience, tradition or testimony. In fact, doing so will make it void of power. What is written is the truth, and nothing shall be added or removed from it.

The Word stands alone.

In my video today I’m going to share with the you the process of how this page came about, and how I put my new Illustrated Faith Watercolours through their paces. I wanted to show you how the colours don’t bleed through the thin pages of the Bible, even if you don’t prep your pages first. You can see little bits here and there where my painting hasn’t completely dried yet, but once it did there really wasn’t any bleeding at all. Happy days!


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