The Solution is That Simple

Don’t let your heart be troubled. (JOHN 14:1 CSB)

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel anxious or unsettled inside without even knowing what it is I am feeling anxious about. It’s very frustrating. All I want to do is try and figure out what the problem is so I can deal with it and get back to a state of peace again. Can you identify?

Sometimes I read the Bible to find a verse that will point to what the problem is. I’ll pray and be silent before God to get the reason and the help I need from Him. Oftentimes taking these steps work, but sometimes I can spend an hour doing both and nothing will have changed – I still feel anxious. The last time this happened, I was just about to close my Bible when my eyes caught this verse in John: “Don’t let your heart be troubled.” It was as though the words jumped right off the page and into my soul. I did a double-take and read them again. They didn’t say why or provide a reason for my anxiety, they just said not to be that way. So, I took Jesus at His word and decided not to be troubled, simple because He said not to be. And peace returned.

God isn’t complicated, but we often make Him that way. Even when we do know what makes us anxious, the solution is still the same: don’t let your heart be troubled. Sometimes a modest, unpretentious decision to do what God says to do, without having to have a long, analytical explanation for doing it, is all we need. It truly is enough. What about you? Will you meekly and humbly choose not to let your heart be troubled today? His peace that passes all understanding is waiting to fill you to overflowing. Now let it.


Thank You for Your patience while I run in circles to resolve a problem. Thank You for the power and life Your Word has to offer. And thank You for putting Your peace into every anxious thought I can imagine.

I adore You. Amen.

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