The Power and Purpose in a Simple Life

If you follow Me... Living light will flood your path. JOHN 8:12 TLB 

The embers of a campfire glow and radiate heat long after the flames go out. Stir them and it’s possible to restart the fire. When we let God’s love move through our lives into the lives of others, the feeling of gratefulness, the sense of worthiness, and the warmth of kindness stay with them long after the love is given. When we make someone feel loved, it has a wonderful and lasting effect. 

There are a lot of distractions in our lives that can lead to a lot of missed opportunities to love other people. We don’t notice what’s going on around us and maybe don’t “listen” to the still, small voice within. If God is in it, love and kindness will be in it too. In a world where we look at screens more often than into the eyes of those hoping to see God’s love, the light and warmth of it goes unshared. 

Love created us. It’s why we’re here and what we’re here to be, to show, and to reflect. If we miss the chance to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by walking in love, the flood of living light on our path will dim. Sometimes we’re tempted to think we have to be involved in big movements, highly visible acts of charity, or every community volunteer project to feel like we’re living a giving, loving, purposeful life. It’s far simpler than that. God put us on the path of our purpose. We’re exactly where we need to be, and we’re a part of the lives we’re here to touch. We have a divine role to play in each one of them. 

A simple, quiet life is as powerful and purposeful as any other. Small kindnesses can leave the greatest impact. Humble acts of love can lead to an eternal decision. There is no insignificant measure of love in this world. Let’s be quick to see where we can be a living light in every possible, loving way today. 

Dear God, My life is in Your hands, and my greatest purpose for living is love. Give me a quiet, listening heart today, so I don’t miss a chance to be the light someone needs to see. 

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