The Quiet Power of a Friendship Necklace

There's nothing like the bond of faith and friendship—it's lifting each other in prayer, being there no matter what, and offering a little encouragement just when it's needed most. Our (in)courage-inspired Wear-One-Share-One Friendship Necklace Sets were created for connections like thatone friend praying over the other and watching how the Lord works beautifully in her life. Below are some true stories of how these Christian friendship necklaces have empowered sisters-in-Christ to lean on each other and God in their daily lives.

I gave the brave necklace to a church sister who's the mother of a newborn and a two year old. She's at a life stage where it's easy to feel overwhelmed and under water. I wanted to not only let her know I think she's brave but to give her a visible reminder that she is. - Dawn Camp from My Home Sweet Home

I gave the peace necklace to my bestie. She and I both needed peace for some stuff going on in our lives and I think of her—and the Prince of Peace—every time I wear it. - Jennifer Dukes Lee from

One hundred days ago a friends’ son, 26, was hit while riding his bike and continues to be in a coma. His mom is ever at his side at a rehab hospital in another state far from friends and family. I knew I couldn’t ‘pop over,’ but what could I do to let her know that I remember, that I am praying, and that I am believing with her? I purchased thebrave wear-one-share-one necklace set. I put one on, wrote a note and sent the other. In my note I promised to believe with her and to continue to pray. I received a note a few days later that read: “just touching the necklace reminds to say Romans 8:28 in my head over and over. - Kim Marquette, DaySpring Brand Marketing Director

It's been 5 years since I lived across the street from her but it certainly doesn't feel that way. When she sent me a Facebook message about the horrible mess her family is going through, it hurt my heart not to be able to grab her and give her a hug. She spilled out the details. I promised to pray. Despite the fear and the tears she told me her faith is strong and she is choosing daily to believe God. It was then I knew she needed the hope necklace. A physical reminder when the days are especially dark to believe God is at work in all of this. And now she's knows I'm wearing my necklace too. Choosing to believe along with her that God's going to work this out. And that promise to pray is much easier to keep as I blanket them with prayer each time I place my own hope necklace around my neck. - Cyndee Ownbey from Women’s Ministry Toolbox

My friend Sheryl and I meet for lunch once a month to pray for and encourage each other. We both have teenage girls so we spend a lot of time commiserating and reminding each other to keep going. The past year has been full of big challenges for both of us and when I saw thebrave necklace set, I knew it was a perfect reminder for us. I call Sheryl my warrior friend because we are committed to fighting the battles for our families and our spiritual growth together! We're making this new year our year to be BRAVE! - Teri Lynne Underwood from

I’m giving the brave wear-one-share-one necklace to my friend Gayla whose husband is battling cancer. They have three young kids. She has learned to ask and accept help from community. - Karina Allen from For His Name And His Renown

I chose to give the peace necklace to my sister who just recently had a new baby boy. Some days are all smiles, but as most know being a new mom comes with so many challenges and the peace of God is really all that can help us. These necklaces will be a way to remind us to pray for each other every time we wear them. - Bethany Floyd from Southern Couture

I shared the grace necklace set with my precious daughters, ages 18 and 15. One thing that I am always reminding my kids is that they are deeply loved. Not just by their dad and I, but also by God. My girls wear these necklaces every day and sometimes I look over and see them touching their necklace. I know it is their way of being reminded of God’s grace.” - Jenifer Metzger from

At DaySpring, we love hearing stories about the bond between friends—friends who lift each other up during the ups and downs of life, reminding one another of their strength and worth in Christ Jesus. Do you have a friend who might need a little reminder? Why not reach out today? Whether that be with a friendship necklace, or an encouraging Ecard, let her know that you’re a friend for the long haul, not just the short game. Let her know you are praying for her, and let her know how much her friendship means to you.

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