#EncouragementDare Success Stories

We did it! Thanks for taking the #EncouragementDare. While our online #EncouragementDare Campaign has come to an end, it is important to note that our calling as Christians to reach out with the love of Jesus is ongoing. It is our hope that you will use this experience as a launching pad to keep going, keep finding new ways, new opportunities, new communities and new people - and even when it may feel a little uncomfortable and you might want to back out…remember those three little words that have pushed so many over the line from thought to action…WE. DARE. YOU.

Below are some amazing #EncouragementDare stories from DaySpring family members, like you!

Teri Lynne wrote “The past few weeks have been tumultuous for so many people in the U.S. Between the hurricanes and the fires, my social media feeds are full of loss and sorrow. I’ll be honest, some days it just feels like overwhelming. I can’t fix or change any of it. And neither can you. But here’s what I know - an encouraging word matters - it can point us back to the God who is our comfort, who carries our burdens, catch our tears, and calms the storms inside us.” - Teri Lynne Underwood from terilynneunderwood.com


Katie took the opportunity to cheer on her friends. She wrote “I have a few friends doing incredible things right now. Writing books, running marathons, making healthy lifestyle changes, starting businesses, and so many other things. I can offer encouragement by congratulating their accomplishments each time they share. I can send a text and ask how things are progressing.” - Katie McGowen from My Joy in Choas


Lisa used the #EncouragementDare to look for ways to lift up her hubby during their struggle with infertility. She wrote “Loving extravagantly will look different for each couple. For example, I can love my husband by not rolling my eyes when he wants to watch Groundhog Day on TV for the 4,574th time. It means putting down my phone and listening to him talk about his day.” - Lisa Newton from AmateurNester.com


Hurricane survivor Lisa Appelo witnessed a family of four help her widowed neighbor clean yard debris from the storm. She wrote “There are families with power offering hot showers and fresh meals to families still without power. People opening homes for evacuees, texting friends and neighbors to see if anything was needed. Seems fitting to take the #EncouragementDare this week.” - Lisa Appelo from lisaappelo.com


Adesanya wrote “I offered to take care of my friend’s daughter throughout the month of September so she can focus on her work and even though she wanted to pay me for the service, I told her I would be watching and caring for her daughter for free. She was beyond excited and happy.” - Adesanya Mobolade from Godfidencefabgirls.com


Tonya wrote “My oldest daughter left to work in the mission field in Africa a month ago. I purchased this perpetual calendar and asked friends and family to write notes on whichever day they wanted to send her a little hug. Each day she reads a little note or sees a picture to remind her how much we love her and are praying for her.” Tonya Hamilton from MessyBible.net


Dianna wrote “My children’s teachers spend hours with my kids, and I don’t take that lightly. They need to know how grateful I am for their positive influence! Ministers, neighbors, and coaches all spend time shaping our lives. My kids and I will write notes of thanks or send small gifts to these important individuals this week.” - Dianna Gardenhour from Savings In Seconds


Ann Austin wrote about encouraging a friend who recently lost three relatives. “I believe the entire point was just being available to listen to her. I could not change what had gone on in her family or how she was feeling…But I do believe the Lord sometimes just wants us to listen, and as Paul wrote comfort others with the comfort you have been given.” - Ann Austin commented on Brewing Wisdom


Sadie Robertson wrote “This is one of my dear friends. She encourages me daily in truth and love. So today DaySpring is launching its #EncouragementDare - in recognition of the National Day of Encouragement. We are daring people everywhere to look up and around and encourage all in their paths during this week. May you all be encouraged in heart and united in love - Colossians 2:2” - Sadie Robertson on her Facebook page


“My hubby went away on a business trip this week so I snuck these into his laptop case, his notebook for big meetings, and one in his shoes. His was tickled to find them throughout his trip. Surprising someone is always fun!” - Alex Jacobson from Inspirational Clothesline


“Had such a blast seeing my students really get into the spirit of #NationalDayofEncouragement! They put their hearts and souls into writing notes of encouragement to people at our school and on their personal lives.” - Jennifer Deibel wrote on Instagram

We cannot thank you enough for joining us for the Encouragement Dare. We are truly inspired by you and our entire DaySpring family for reaching out and sharing the love of Jesus. It’s not too late to tell us how you took the #EncouragementDare. Let us know today by emailing us here. We’d love to hear from you. Also, be sure to check out our entire selection of encouragement cards and gifts for more inspirational tools to help you continue to encourage and uplift those around you on a daily basis.   


Read real-life stories of how those who took the #Encouragement Dare shared the love of Christ!
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