Standing Tall in Him

Standing Tall in Him

A Lesson from “Through Christ” Devotional Kit (Day 1): CONFIDENCE

Low self-esteem is an issue where many of us struggle. It’s not surprising, when you look around our world today. We are shown images on movies and TV of what women should look like, what we should drive, and the products we need to be happy, and it is not realistic at all. So how can you have confidence in the person you are right now?

God thoughtfully and precisely created YOU! Cell by cell...every detail of who you are was created by Him. You are loved by the God of the universe. He knows your thoughts and counts the hairs on your head. He knows everything you’ve done and will do and He still chooses you!

The world says our confidence is found in appearance, wealth, or stature. But God says our confidence is Him—knowing that He is guiding us, loving us, died for us to save us, and will never leave us. That is how we can stand tall every day. Our confidence is not in our own abilities but in God’s.

Question to ask yourself as you reflect on this devotion: do you struggle with self-esteem issues in your life? Here are some key Scriptures to look to for guidance from our Heavenly Father.

» Romans 8:38-39

» Ephesians 3:12

» 2 Timothy 1:7

» Hebrews 4:16

» Jeremiah 17:7

» Philippians 1:6

Check out how Illustrated Faith founder Shanna Noel works through Day 1 of Through Christ devotional below:

This is day 1 of the 14 day devotional included in the Illustrated Faith Through Christ Devotional Kit. To purchase this kit and continue this devotion, click here.

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