Solitude's Inspiration

We’re in no hurry, God. We’re content to linger in the path sign-posted with Your decisions...Through the night my soul longs for You. Deep from within my spirit reaches out to You. ISAIAH 26:7–10 THE MESSAGE 

We can forget how inspiring it is to be alone. Solitude is significant. It inspires us to thoughtfully reflect on all the moving parts of our lives. Being alone inspires heartfelt communication with God and gives us an opportunity to reconnect with who we are and what we dream of. Our true self comes to the forefront when the routines and responsibilities aren’t demanding all our energy and attention. 

Solitude is a breath of fresh air for our soul. It’s like saying, “Hello, you. How is it really going?” It’s also like hitting a release valve on the pressures the world imposes on us constantly: this is how to be a better wife, husband, parent, grandparent; this is what you do to look younger, stay healthy, get stronger, and live longer. The ads, advice, and personal improvement options are endless. But what do we feel is vital to our wellness? What do we hear God saying to us about the things we should focus on? 

God takes His relationship with each of us personally. He longs for one-on-one time with us, any hour of the day or night. Prayer and solitude are ways for us to get answers to the questions we have about our unique purpose. Our life’s journey isn’t going to be identical to anyone else’s. Our path will be marked with different experiences, failures, disappointments, and difficulties. Our heart will break for different reasons. Our growth will happen at a different pace. But if we trust God’s leading, the path we take will be in perfect harmony with how He created us and what we’re created to do. 

Don’t be in such a hurry today. Enjoy a bit of solitude. Open your heart and ask God to put you on the path of your purpose. It’s where true fulfillment is and how we can be the greatest blessing to the greatest amount of people. That’s God’s deepest desire for all of us—because that’s the purpose of love. 

Dear God, Reveal every way that I can be Your love today. Give me the patience to love my people and the people You bring across my path. 

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