Remember Whose You Are

Behold, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me. (Isaiah 49:16 ESV)

As a child, getting lost in a grocery story is terrifying. The aisles seem to last forever and there are people all around. But when we are lost, we feel like we can only find those we are not looking for, right? And what does someone ask when they are trying to help us, telling by the terrified look in our eyes that we are obviously lost? They say, “Who are your parents?” They ask who we came with because that is the only way we will be found. In that moment, all that matters is whose we are, and if we can remember that and get back to whose we are, all will be okay.

The same goes for us in our daily life, except so many times when we are wandering down the aisle looking for pleasure of our own preference, we do not realize we are lost. We continue to walk away from whose we are, captivated by what is around us, temporarily enthralled by what we see. Until we realize we are far from home, unaware of how to get back there, and we panic. Instead of remembering what we learned as children, we try to find our way back based on our own name. We offer our accolades and our affirmations in exchange for what we hope is purpose. We know we are lost, but we have forgotten the clue to get home.

What is it again? Oh, yes, we must remember whose we are. When we are aimless or pursuing things that we know do not satisfy, the only remedy to finding ourselves again is to remember who created us. Who brought us here? Who is our Protector? Our heavenly Father. He is the voice that we long to hear and the face we have been praying to see. When we think we’re longing for the comfort of home or familiarity or close friends or routine, what we’re really longing for is the comfort of Jesus. When we walk through life knowing the Person that we’ve come with and the price that He paid for us, we walk with our head high and our heart confident. When we temporarily lose our way or get distracted, we look for Him. We say His name aloud and He shows Himself near. All we must do is remember whose we are; that is our way home.

Dear Jesus, thank You for calling us by name and never leaving our side. When our heart forgets who we are, will You set off the alarm in our soul to return to home base? Guide us down paths of righteousness. In Jesus’s name, amen.

This is an excerpt from Be Still by Cleere Cherry - a devotional book released by DaySpring publishing.  Learn more about this book, or shop other books & devotionals from DaySpring.