Praising Through the Pain

There are few things that move her to tears on a regular basis; however, worship is one of them. Coming together with other believers and singing of God’s faithful love causes grateful tears to spring up inside her. 

But there have also been times in her life when the tears have come from a place of pain. After her loved one passed away, she would sob uncontrollably as the other voices sang “It Is Well with My Soul.” She wondered if she would ever feel like praising again. 

But as the faithful Savior so sweetly does, he wrapped his arms around her and began to heal her broken heart. Week by week she returned to worship, and eventually she was able to sing again, yet still with hot tears flowing down her cheeks. As the weeks turned into months, the desire to praise her Creator began to return even though she was still grieving. She knew that her hope was in him. 

In Psalm 42:5-6, the psalmist asks raw and real questions: 

Why am I discouraged? 

Why is my heart so sad? 

But then he answers, 

I will put my hope in God! 

I will praise him again— 

my Savior and my God! 

Life can create a great state of turmoil, leaving us utterly depressed and believing that we’ll never be able to sing praise again. But if we allow ourselves to grieve properly and hold fast to our Savior, before long we’ll find that we are able to praise him even through the pain. 

It has been several years since she lost her loved one. The tears still fall from time to time during worship, but they’re mostly from gratitude for all that he’s done for her. She will forever put her hope in the One who saved her. He is a faithful God. 

April Rodgers 
Made to Shine 

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