Five Strategies for Planning the Perfect Easter Celebration

Easter is coming! You can tell it’s close—tulips are blooming and colorful, candy-filled Easter baskets now line the walls of our favorite supermarkets. It’s time to start thinking about Easter dresses and bonnets for the kids, preparing for community-wide egg hunts, and inviting loved ones to Easter dinner. With all these tasks in mind, it’s easy to focus on our ever-growing Easter to-do list rather than what Easter is primarily about—our heart’s response to Jesus and the Cross. So, before we start stressing out about having the perfect Easter celebration, let’s dive in to what it means to observe this beautiful, life-giving holiday.

For Christians, Easter is a time when we can remember and reflect on the very event that our faith is founded upon: Jesus’ death and resurrection through which we find eternal life. Although this is something that we live by every single day of the year, it’s a beautiful thing to take a week to truly reflect on the work that Jesus accomplished here on earth and remind our hearts of all the amazing things He endured and overcame on our behalf.

Here are five ways to bring more meaning and intentionality to any Easter celebration:

1. Easter is a great time to invite friends and family into your home and share the love of Jesus over a meal. Have you ever noticed that most everyone tends to be a little more open to hearing about Jesus on Easter? Maybe this year, you take a step of boldness by inviting a neighbor or coworker over for a meal. With every detail, you can be sharing the promises of God and the light of Jesus at your table in a way that makes them want to know more about your faith.

2. Share God’s Word without ever saying a word. One way to subtly share your faith is through products that speak life, like a Scripture-filled serving piece marked with God’s promises. Without even bringing the subject up, people can be inspired by the Scripture. Many times it can lead to deeper, more meaningful conversations. This could also be done taking a meal or baking cookies for someone who has walked away from church.

3. Take a new spin on name cards. Instead of using them simply to identify someone’s place at the table, attach a Scripture card to it to share God’s promises with your guests.

4. Bring meaning into your Easter egg hunt. What better way to share the story of Jesus with kids than to hunt for Bible verses that help them discover what Jesus did for them? Just write a meaningful Scripture reference on a piece of paper and inlcude it in your Easter eggs. It’s a faith-filled Easter egg hunt idea that will delight guests of all ages before you sit down for Easter Sunday dinner.

5. Lastly, a new and fun activity you can incorporate into your Easter activities is Bible journaling. In the same way that coloring eggs can be fun, journaling on a page margin in your Bible can be a great way to meditate on the Word of God and make this Easter fun and meaningful. Check out our Bible journaling clearance section—perfect for diving into the Word this Easter season.

While planning to celebrate Easter this year, let’s not allow our day-to-day tasks to take our focus off of Jesus and the Cross. In fact, why not commit to adding some new, faith-infused traditions to your playbook? Whether it’s inviting new friends to your table, sparking conversations with Scripture Shareables as place cards, serving with inspirational décor, or putting on an Easter play with the grandkids, remember to look up and praise Him for the most amazing gift ever given to mankind—Jesus.

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