Live Your Faith

Today marks a new day at DaySpring!

We are extremely excited about launching our new logo - not only because of its refreshing, new design, but because we deeply believe in the meaning and purpose in even its tiniest detail.

For nearly 45 years, DaySpring has inspired millions to share the hope, joy and love of God. Wow, right? We cannot tell you how blessed we feel to play such an important role in the lives of believers around the world. Truly amazing! So amazing that we want to expand on it.

In fact, we’ve been working hard to develop new products to help you find just the right ways to express your faith. Because, you see, while we love creating beautiful and encouraging greeting cards, we also want to help you live your faith and gain strength from Christ, to involve Him in your daily routine.

That’s why we’ve expanded our product line to equip you with tools that will help you share your Christian faith with others - from jewelry, purses and journals to home décor and so much more! We really made it our job to find creative new ways for people of all ages, from all walks of life, and in all different stages of their Christian faith to express their love for God.

With this new focus in mind, we began thinking of how we could best demonstrate this exciting time at DaySpring, and that is when this happened:

Don’t you just love it? Three things to notice:

1. Splash

See the new splash? This represents a splash of Living Water (John 7:37-38). It reinforces our Christ-centered mission, and reflects how our message refreshes the lives and souls of those around us.

2. Tagline

Our new tagline is “LIVE YOUR FAITH.” We chose this because we want you to join in the action of serving, sharing, and encouraging others by living your faith day-in and day-out.

3. Lettering

Check out the hand lettering. This is to give it that personal touch, indicating that you are a part of the DaySpring story. We cannot share the message of Christ without you, personally.

You’ll see this new logo rolling out in stores, online, on products and all over very soon. We hope you enjoy!

Oh! And, don’t worry, we haven’t made any major site changes to throw you off - you should be able to log right into your account and shop for your favorite cards, gifts and home décor items just as you’ve always done.

To view #liveyourfaith stories from customers, check out our “Day In The Life” featured articles, in which three women share how they live their faith from sunrise to sunset.

Morgan recently graduated from college and started a new job.

Jennifer is a working mother with two small kids.

Janie is recently retired and experiencing God in new, exciting ways.

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