If They Plant, They Shall See a Harvest

Sometimes it can be quite discouraging when you have been working hard toward something, and it feels as though you are not making any progress. It can become draining and tiresome. Especially if you’ve invested so much already, whether that be finances, your time, or energy. It feels like every step forward lands you two steps back. I’ve been there. I’ve experienced that. I understand the frustration that comes with it, but just because one seed doesn’t get planted (job, ministry, website, blog, etc.) doesn’t mean you stop planting more seeds. Although a farmer may plant many seeds during a season, it doesn’t mean they will reap the harvest of every seed. Not every seed will make it to the dirt; some are carried away by the wind, land on rocky soil, or wildlife finds its way in the field looking for dinner. Does the farmer give up? Nope, they continue to plant away. Because they know if they plant, they shall see a harvest regardless. They will continue to plant and grow no matter the circumstances that take place during their planting season. Rain or shine. 

Restore us, O God; make Your face shine on us that we may be saved. PSALM 80: 3 NIV 

God, thank You for being my solid foundation. Life can be shaky, unpredictable, but having You as my rock has helped me stay at peace even when I’m surrounded by chaos. For everything You have done well, You have perfected Your timing. May I continue to have Your Spirit dwell within me. 

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