Growing a Bigger Heart

Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. MATTHEW 6:21 NKJV 

Of all the achievements, first place finishes, number one rankings, or success we might experience in a lifetime, wouldn’t the world be better off if we all aspired to have bigger hearts that spread more love? Did you hear the story about the elementary teacher who passed away unexpectedly? One of the things her students were asked to do to work through their grief was draw a picture of something they thought about when they remembered her. One little boy turned in the sheet of paper he was given, having colored it completely red. When the counselor asked him why he chose to do that he replied, “I tried to draw a picture of her heart, but it was too big for the paper.” 

Splashing God’s love around is worth every minute we spend and every sacrifice we make. What we think are small gestures of kindness can actually become someone’s memory of God’s great love. Little things make a big impact. Especially if they come from the overflow of a heart in love with God. We don’t get the credit for loving other people because we wouldn’t be good at it if we didn’t know God. He’s the hope, the courage, the strength, the patience, the grace, the kindness, and the goodness we give because perfect love is who He is. We have all the supply we’ll ever need; we just have to draw from the well and pour it out. 

God’s love is where we go for the pure, powerful stuff that changes lives, starting with our own. His love is an unbreakable lifeline to the world and we’re the ones He’s counting on to throw it out there. He’ll lead us to the hearts drowning in hopelessness and fear. The hearts needing tenderness and care. We just have to stay close to Him and be willing to be like Jesus. 

Father, there are so many ways to show Your love to those who are hurting and searching for it. Help me be sensitive to the needs around me today. 

The Beach is Calling 

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